Ijeoma Okoli - 2024

About Me

Ijeoma Okoli

Ijeoma Okoli is a humanist, marketing content curator, event manager and a dreamer.

Born in Anambra State Nigeria, Ijeoma is the eldest amongst 4 siblings. She was raised in a loving home by parents who emphasised the importance of expanding one’s mind through learning and reaching beyond what is available.

Ijeoma has worked with reputable brands to design marketing strategies and contents, as well as produce custom marketing campaigns.

Over the years, she has developed a solid reputation as a visionary problem-solver and creative tactician in the fields of event management, brand management, media production and professional development. She has helped her clients reduce cost while delivering only exceptional quality of service.

In 2017, due to the need to create value at home, she started a program which she calls The Ziife program in her hometown, Umunze. Ziife is an Igbo phrase which means “show the light”. The Ziife program aims to take on the challenge of providing a platform that allows for the advancement of human capital in rural areas as its contribution to the country’s efforts towards reducing unemployment, eradicating illiteracy and poverty, women empowerment and economic development.

Ijeoma believes fervently in the infectiousness of energy and is very proactive in creating and sustaining a positive vibe around her and the people she cares about.

She enjoys physical activities such as running and has even considered crossfit at some point.